THE COLOR BEARER would inform their customers that fine replica Civil War Flags and Banners of the highest quality may be procured at this establishment. Especial pains are taken to produce accurate reproduction flags from the past, and we have produced many excellent Regimental & National Colors.


These elegant flags are hand painted and carefully sewn with the greatest attention to historical accuracy. Designed for the special use of persons engaged in presenting the illustrious history of these United States to the public, and those who desire to honor the brave men who fought under her colors in the glorious past.


Over the last two years I have had an opportunity to work with The Color Bearer to produce a National and Regimental Color for the 2nd Wisconsin. In talking to them regarding the project I was impressed by their knowledge and furthermore by their attention to detail as the projects proceeded. With the National Color, the end result was a mirror image to the original as copied from photos provided. However, the production of the Regimental flag was a stunning piece of work. Despite the original flag missing large sections of detail due to battle damage, they were able to recreate the portions through extensive research and studying Wisconsin state seals from the era. The end result was nothing less than stunning.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Color Bearer for any Civil War flag recreations. They have the historical knowledge, artistic ability, as well as friendly demeanor which makes working with them a pleasant experience with results that will not disappoint.

Jason Griffith

After many years of happy service The Color Bearer is closing its doors. The owner no longer has the time to give each reproduction the attention it deserves. Thank you for your patronage!