About Us


                The Color Bearer has been making historical replicas of regimental and national colors for more than 15 years. We are a small business, with high standards for historical accuracy. Although we specialize in American Civil War era colors, we make replicas of flags from all time periods and countries. Most of our customers are Civil War reenactors, but we have also made flags for museums, private displays, graveside memorials, the department of the Navy, and President Abraham Lincoln himself.


Alright, so one of those claims isn't strictly true.


                We have a talented and flexible team. There are many fields of expertise required to make an historically accurate flag, and occasionally, in addition to doing our usual in-depth research, sewing, and painting, we find ourselves in need of some highly unusual specialized skills:  weaving, metal working, pattern drafting, design artistry, computer technical support, hand embroidery, etc. Methods and fabrics employed in the Civil War era are no longer common, and supplies that were used due to their abundance and low cost are now hard to locate or make.



                You can browse flags that we have completed in the past on our Gallery page. If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQs. To contact us about your own flag, use our contact page.


                We look forward to taking on the challenge of your historic replica flag!