Frequently Asked Questions






What materials do you use in your flags?

   A: The materials that we use vary as much as the originals themselves. The most common fabrics for American flags before the 20th century are wool bunting, silk, and cotton. We try to reflect this, however, certain fabrics, like silk, will deteriorate in the sunlight and elements. When dealing with these fabrics we try to advise our customers to consider the flags intended use: if the flag will be on display, the same type of fabric used on the original flag should be used in our replica. If the flag will be put to use, and see sunlight, rain, and wind we recommend the use of a faux silk look-alike. In this way historical accuracy can be combined with practicality, and your new flag will last longer than their originals did in flyable condition.



Why don't you advertize prices?

   A: Historical flags vary widely in size, design, materials, construction and etc. Our price quotes have as wide a range as the flags that we make, and, because of this, it is hard to generalize. Historically accurate replicas are time intensive to create, and our prices reflect this. Full sized flags generally range between $900 and $2,800 dollars. 


Do you have my flag in stock?

 A: No, we deal with custom orders only. This is for the same reason that we don't list prices: variability in original flags. Even original flags made after a "standard" patterns, specified by Army regulaton, are very rarely a perfect fit to their official specifications. 


What are the options for payments?

    A: You have the option of paying by PayPal or check, and we require half of the price down at the beginning of our work. The balance is due after we have finished your flag, and sent you photos of the finished work. 



What makes the Color Bearers flags "museum quality"?

   A: Our dedication to historical accuracy in recreating any flag makes our flags museum quality. We make some flags for museums, and you may have even seen one of our flags on display. We put many hours of research into any flag we create, so as to make sure our flags remain true to the original that we are replicating.



Can I carry my reproduction onto the field with me? (Reenactors)

 A: We make many flags for reenacting units, and they are flown in reenactments across the states. We like to use synthetic silk where appropriate in flags that will see field use, as it greatly increases their durability.



How long after I place an order will I receive my flag?

A: Our flags generally take between 4 weeks and 2 months to complete. The amount of time required to research and re-create any flag varies as much as its cost.



How do I send pictures of my flag to the Color Bearer?

  A: Simply write us, and attatch your photo to the email. We appreciate photos of our flags in use!



What if I want info about a flag, but don't want it made/ want to make it myself?

  A: We also provide a research service. We charge a base price of $250 for a research report, although this price may vary if your flag is very obscure.