We put a substantial amount of time into researching historical flags, so that we can insure the historical accuracy of our replicas. Here are some of our favorite links, as well as some articles that might be helpful in your own research. We will be adding links and articles periodically, so check back to see what's new. 


Online Catalogues of Preserved Flags:


Union Flags


New York Military Museum

Flags flown by New York Volunteer Regiments


Ohio Historical Society

Flags flown by Ohio Volunteer Regiments


Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee

Flags flown by Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiments

Wisconsin Veteran's Museum

Wisconsin Civil War Flags

(plus some captured confederate flags)


Confederate Flags


Texas State Archives

Flags flown by Texas Regiments


Museum of the Confederacy (American Civil War Musuem)

This is quite the impressive collection


Tennessee State Museum Collection

Confederate flags of Tennessee




General Orders of the War Department 1861-63

United States




Union Artillery Colors

By The Color Bearer


"Mounted But Not Mounted"

The Confusing Terminology of Artillery
By James Morgan


General Overview of Flags

by The Artillery Reserve